Drive in summer with 150 EUR!

Receive discount of contract fee up to 100 € and 50 € discount for KASKO*
*Insurance in cooperation with AAS BALTA. Discounts are valid if application is filled until 14.07.2017.
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DNB komplekti


Daily banking services in 4 simple
and advantageous packages!

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DNB kredītņēmēju dzīvības apdrošināšana

Ships are built safely and properly.
A possibility that something goes wrong is tiny, while the consequences are huge!

Does your credit has a safety boat?

apartment insurance

Apartment insurance - simple, comprehensible and at a bargain price!

In addition is included civil liability insurance with the limit of EUR 1,000.

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DNB hipotekārais kredīts

Life happens! 
DNB mortgage loan

Feel yourself secure - loan payment and other regular expenses insurance.

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In DNB we use technology to ease your experience in banking.

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